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Showing posts from April, 2006

Learn about Drupal

You can learn more about Drupal, my favourite CMS (content management system) by coming to Toronto's Drupal Day . So what is Drupal ? It's bunch of computer code written in a language called PHP, that lives on a web server (a computer that serves web pages) and delivers websites that are interactive, complex, interesting and/or just plain geeky. For example the federal NDP website uses Drupal, as does The Onion . While I'm at it, I'll also plug a site I was responsible for: SHARE , an organization worth learning about aside from the coolness of their website. Note that I'm a web development contractor, not a designer - for SHARE, the designer was the fine folks at RaisedEyebrow . I wish that all sites using Drupal were also of reputable content, or at least not nasty, but there's no technology that can guarantee that.

What's the kernel?

Here's the de rigeur definition of Kernel : The smallest, most basic piece of an object I work from a home office, and lack the usual opportunities to gab around the water cooler and post on internal lists, so this is my soapbox. I'm a Drupal developer, so a lot of this will be about projects I'm involved in, but it'll also be about the rest of the world that's pretty interesting as well.