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Trust and your mobile phone service provider

Do you trust your service provider? What does that even mean? For an individual with a relationship with a corporation, trust is not the same as trust with a person. Particularly with a complex service model, you have to have some trust in your service provider, even if you are reluctant about that, because you don't have a choice. For example, you don't have a much of a choice about what kind of service plan you get for your mobile phone in Canada, and those plans are constantly being changed by the providers, so trying to keep up with what the best plan for you is, is difficult. But aside from the aspect of "buyer beware" that covers all consumer relationships in Canada, mobile phone service is complicated by the fact that those mobile phone providers are using public resources that they make use of within a regulated system. In other words, they're selling us a package that includes resources that are only leased to them (i.e. the radio spectrum) from us, under