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I'm wrestling with a monster

 I consider myself a rational person. By that, I mean that I make important decisions in my life based on weighing pros and cons, similar to a chess game. So what to make of my decision to confront Koodoo over their exorbitant charges for my spouse's mobile phone use? This one .  It would be reasonable to look at the legalities, and the likelihood of them caring what I think, and decide that the work of trying to hold them to account is a pointless waste of time. Certainly, the replies I've had in the forum here: have mostly been of the "sucks to be you" variety. So let me describe in detail what it's like to try and get someone at Koodoo to reverse the charges of a blatantly egregious overuse charge. To talk to someone at Koodoo, you have to talk to a bot for a while to convince them that you need to talk to a person. It's pretty entertaining on