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DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco

I'm on a plane back from San Francisco this morning, after 3 days of DrupalCon, the annual gathering of Drupal people in North America (there's another one in Europe each year as well). At the first day's plenary -- the traditional State of the Drupal address by Drupal's founder Dries -- we saw pictures from ten years ago of Dries in his university dorm where he first created Drupal, and then another picture from five years ago at the first DrupalCon in Amsterdam with 40 people. Last year's DrupalCon in DC had about 2000, and this DrupalCon was over 3000 attendees. So Drupal is still growing. I went to DrupalCon last year as well, and I valued it because I learned some things that are hard to learn from just reading websites, I got to know some of the personalities of the project, I met some useful people to know, and I generally got re-inspired about working with Drupal. Still, I'm mostly an introvert and had decided not to go this year until I found out it w