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CiviCRM Case Study:

These are my notes from a CiviCRM data import for Fair Vote Canada I did on April 16/17, 2008. Fair Vote Canada is a small NGO, has been around for about 7 years, and is a public interest lobby group for proportional representation-type voting systems in Canada. If you care about democracy, then they're worth supporting. One thing I find particularly interesting and important is that they're cross-party. Obviously, depending on whether they're in power or not, parties have a very biased opinion about proportional representation, and regardless of their statements of principles, that's not going to change with any changes of government, since parties exist to win power, or they don't last long. So Fair Vote Canada decided early on to be strictly non-partisan, and they have some energetic and high-profile supporters from across the political spectrum. On the technical side of things, they've had a Drupal site for a while, but were still using Excel spreadsheet