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A Strange Passion for Security

I'm not a computer security expert, but it's been part of my work for many years, in different forms.  A very long time ago, a friend hired me to write up a primer for internet security, and ever since then it's been a theme that's sat in the background and pops up every now and then . But lately, it's started to feel like more than a theme, and but indeed a passion. You may consider computer and internet security to be a dry subject, or maybe you imagine feelings of smugness or righteousness, but "passion" is the right word for what I'm feeling. Here's google's definition: Passion: 1. a strong and barely controllable emotion. 2. the suffering and death of Jesus. Okay, let's just go with number 1. for now. If you followed my link above to other posts about security, you'll notice one from eight years ago where I mused on the possibility of the discovery of a flaw in how https works. Weirdly enough, a flaw in https was discovered shortly