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Ontario Election Sites: Technology =~ Politics?

I'm hosting the Ontario Green Party's site , and am also the Drupal developer for it. There's currently an Ontario election campaign taking place, so I'm keeping busy. Someone sent me a dead link on the Ontario NDP site, so I started looking at the other party's sites. It reminded me of a discussion we had at the Toronto Penguin day a couple of years ago about the relationship between open source software (and Drupal in particular) and politics. I think there's something there - for example: the Toronto Drupal Users' Group's (supposed?) left-leaning politics the Howard Dean campaign (which was the beginning of the civicspace distribution of drupal) Richard Stallman's involvement in Venezuela I'll let you use google to confirm or deny any of the above ...but also to be noted, there's nothing that prevents any cause from making use of open source technology for nefarious and/or right-wing causes (oops, my bias is showing!). So, I tho