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Welcome to Simuliidae, v2

Four years ago, I started a github project to share my Drupal + CiviCRM container hosting solutions/ideas. It’s called “ Simuliidae ”, because that’s the family name of the species we know as black flies. What’s Happened Like so many open source projects, it was ambitious. I claimed four goals. Four years later, here’s my evaluation of those goals: 1. A simple way for evaluators to launch their own local Drupal/CiviCRM installation. This was my priority and relatively successful, at least for a while. I’d say it was successful as a technology demonstration, but of limited value for a potential CiviCRM evaluator because of weak support for Docker on Windows and Mac projects. It was also a lot of work to keep it up to date, and I didn’t. 2. A standard for generating testing and development copies of production sites. This was not particularly successful as a goal. Although I used some of the ideas here with my hosting services, I never moved beyond an idea stage for trying to come up wit