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Blackfly solutions

I'm happy to report that our new Drupal and CiviCRM website development shop is now available to take on new projects. You can read my official welcome here. If you're wondering what's happening to my existing work - not to worry, I'm still providing the same service to my current clients. Like all change, there may be some hiccups, but my goal is to be able to provide a better service by focussing on what I do best, and getting help with the things that I don't do as well.

The environmental post

I've been meaning to write up some notes about "the environment" and me. I'm on the tree-hugging side of the fence politically, and have some of the old-fashioned skin-flint variety of environmentalist in my personal choices [keep the house cool, hang up my laundry to dry, walk/bike/TTC most of the time, own an old used Prius, caulk and insulate my old house obsessively, pay attention to my gas/electricty bills, etc.]. But for the purposes of this post, I want to point out that my website development business is also "environmental", even though I don't flaunt it very much. Here's why: I work from home [no extra office to heat, no commuting]. I host my sites on a "green" server at By focusing on only Drupal, I can set up my server to be optimized for Drupal hosting, which is more efficient [both at a machine/energy level, as well as my time]. I host quite a few environmental organizations. So if you're looking fo